Monday, August 26, 2013


Good luck everyone who is going back to school or work. Fighting!

 Fun story. SO in Korea we call all of the old ladies harmonies which means grandma in Korean. Harmonies basically get to do whatever they want which is usually sitting outside on some planks of wood and talking to their other harmony friends in some language that is completely incomprehensible. It is basically the lowest form of Korean possible and makes no sense to me or my companion.

 The funny thing is is that harmonies have magic powers. They can stop traffic by running into the middle of the road when cars are still coming. It is the strangest thing to see somebody's grandma walk into the street and all of the cars stop and patiently wait for them. We saw a harmony walking in the road just in the middle of the lane with like 4 cars following behind her.

 I wonder if they go through a special process to get these powers or if it just lies dormant in them until they reach a certain age and get a perm.

 Good luck.

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