Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Week 2 at the MTC

Hello from my second week in the MTC. Things are going very well for me. I am setteld in and working hard to teach my two new investigators. During our first visit to one of them he almost shut the door in our faces. Something that I guess I will have to get used to but was not expecting in the MTC.

I am feeling the spirit almost always and am excited to go to do the work. I hope that the Lord will be able to use me.

I know how to pray in Korean now! I feel like such a boss being able to speak korean for a whole minute!

I am getting along very well with my companion Elder Ruff. We spend a lot of time together and might know each other a little too well. I am glad the Lord blessed me with such a great dang pan ja. The Lord knows exactly what I need.

The MTC cabin fever has begun. As a district I think we have tried every possible Soda mixing combination in the cafeteria. My favorites we named the Comer and the popsickle.

Sundays are my favorite days now in the MTC. I love the time that we get to spend listening to to the devotional. I also enjoy the Sunday night movies we get to watch. We saw the testaments movie this week. The whole auditorium went crazy during the kissing scene. The missionaries here are action deprived I guess.

I am so blessed to be here on my Mission and am gratful for the Savior and his infinite atonement as well as his restores gospel on the earth.

Elder Black

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